Ever since I put out my debut album Lullaby, Ive been expanding my reach where I can. I am pleased to announce I am taking on production work and teaching and coaching artists and aspiring musicians to achieve their dreams and goals in the music industry. As a music producer it is my job to listen to the artist and to coach/direct the project until the vision comes into its full potential and is ready for professional release. On my record Lullaby I wrote and arranged and themed the album on my own. I played the bass on it and the guitars and I wrote and produced myself as a vocalist and lyricist and also arranged and produced the keyboard parts and string sections. I also produced the drum performances and was heavily involved in the mixing and editing of the record with the help of mixer engineer Josh Roman out of Mindrocket Recording Studio in West Middle Sex Pennsylvania. If anyone wants to up their game either in the studio or the performance aspect wether its singing live, tracking in the studio, writing songs I am here to help. Feel free to share this and to get in contact with me.
Serious inquires only*